Local businesses transform into galleries and stages for artists from throughout the region.

Artist Galleries

*PUNCH CARD LOCATIONS. Click listings for more info.

Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio — 2610 Adams Ave — Kids Activities

Mona Lizzys
Artist: Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio

Art & Craft Projects, Free Hair Consultations, Eufora (an eco friendly product line) Product Samples & Bang Trims with One of our Hair Artisans!  Owners Lizzy & Kimbos Art Work featured through out….

Hello! I’m Elizabeth, aka Miss Lizzy, aka Mona Lizzy of Mona Lizzy’s Art Studio. I teach art classes in San Diego Schools as well as around town. Here’s a bit you might like to know about me.

I grew up in a suburb of Milwaukee,Wisconsin. If you know anything about Wisconsin, winter lasts a long time. So as a child I began drawing, sewing and painting.

As I grew up I took lots of art classes. In high school I began working in local print shops doing silkscreening and graphic design. During community college, as a  graphic design major, I decided sitting behind a computer was not for me, nor the cold weather. So I moved to San Diego in 2002.

In 2006 I was licensed in cosmetology. However, while awaiting my cosmetology license I began working at a Preschool teaching art. This is where my love for teaching children grew. While I worked as a stylist, I went back to school working toward a degree in art education. I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Art and Anthropology.

In 2009 Mona Lizzy’s began as a small idea, taking my talents and abilities and bringing them together. I love creating, and learning. What a better way to do that then by teaching others what I have learned. I started teaching in schools that lacked art programs. From my students, I quickly discovered that parents, adults were interested in learning about art and craft techniques. Hence, Craft & Cocktail Night was born! An adult only art class.

 Mona Lizzy’s continues to grow, adding more art classes, hosting art & craft events, helping sponsor other local artist and still styling hair. I love what I do! I can only hope to learn from and inspire you. I appreciate your support and opportunity to work with you and your children.

Art Studio: Arts, Crafts,Sewing, Printing, Hand-made fashion accessories and jewelry. Private art classes and group lessons for kids and adults. Teaching in central San Diego after-school programs and Adult only art classes, Craft & Cocktail Night.

Exhibit Location: Mona Lizzy's Art Studio


Cafe 21 — 2709 Adams — Stage

Kristel Anne
Artist: Kristel Anne

Kristel Anne is an Ocean Beach artist with creative works that have exhibited at galleries and art shows throughout the U.S. Her artwork is described as pop-neo, with an affinity for pairing dark subject matter with vibrant color to create a juxtaposition of emotion.

Artist Link: Kristel Anne

Exhibit Location: Cafe 21


Twiggs Bakery & Coffeehouse — 2804 Adams Ave

Bryan Tipton
Artist: Bryan Tipton

I’ve lived in San Diego since 2001 and feel constantly inspired by my surroundings.

 It’s easy to dismiss art. Say that it’s irrelevant.  A waste of time.  Boring.  I understand that people feel this way (although I disagree).  In my life, I used to take things at face value. I didn’t extrapolate. But I’ll say this: Art changes the way I see things. I appreciate subtleties I would have otherwise missed. It makes my life richer. It introduces a new way of seeing.

 Another thing I learned… artist bios are difficult to write.

 Thank you so much for looking at my work.

Artist Link:  Bryan Tipton

Exhibit Location: Twiggs Bakery & Coffee House


Soda and Swine — 2943 Adams Ave — Supporting Business (No Art)

Soda and Swine
Artist: Soda & Swine

Soda & Swine is a non-participating supporting business.  No art here today, but stop by and grab a bite to eat!

Exhibit Location: Soda & Swine


Maven — 2946 Adams Ave

Carlos Galvan
Artist: Carlos Galvan

Carlos Galvan is a San Diego based photographer. His interest for photography developed in his early High School years when he took a photography class as an elective. Although Carlos enjoys the aesthetic and quality of photographic images created through film, currently he finds himself drawn to digital format. His current work strives to have an aesthetic that is glossy and seamless. Even though Carlos has been photographing for over ten years now, he did not have a creative direction or objective with his images until recently. Photographers, Annie Leibovitz, Stephen Shore, Todd Hido, and William Eggleston influence Carlos’s approach and aesthetic through out his work. The content that is shown in his work is inspired by several variables one of them is his younger self, watching Tim Burton and Disney movies admiring the colors throughout those films. Curiosity and self exploration through the camera would be another source. Carlos’s main focus at the time is to finish a few photographic series that he has been working on over some years. Once finished he plans on finding successful outlets to expose his work.

Artist Link: Carlos Galvan

Exhibit Location: Maven


Polite Provisions — 4696 30th St — 21+

Live A Great Story
Artist: Zach Horvath / Live A Great Story

Live A Great Story is a brand that spreads the #liveagreatstory message and shares inspiring stories from across the country. Through their Street Reminder series they’ve inspired hundreds of thousands of people in multiple cities and countries, including celebrities like Reese Whitherspoon and Matt Kemp. To date they’ve shared over 30 stories through their Watch Read Listen productions. Live A Great Story donates 10% of their profits to stories ranging from nonprofits and charities to movements and missions that pay inspiration forward.

Artist Link: Zach Horvath / Live A Great Story

Exhibit Location: Polite Provisions


Artisan Collection — 4639 30th St

Artisan Collection
Artist: Artisan Collection

Artisan Collection is a fine jewelry and art gallery featuring custom jewelry designs in gold, silver & platinum by master jeweler & owner Shirley Kanno Boynton.  Local artisans in painting, sculpture, art glass and ceramics are also showcased.  Between Artful Ruins & Artisan Collection, customers have a one-stop shopping destination for original art and unique gifts.  Both will be participating in the days activites with homemade Sangria, beverages and a special chance drawing.

Exhibit Location: Artisan Collection


A/C Lounge — 4673 30th St

Sharif I. Carter
Artist: Sharif I. Carter

Defying traditional rules and mastering the technique of painting with opaque watercolors on wood panels, Sharif has defined a style of his own. You may find his work gracing the labels of award winning wines, illuminating the walls of fine restaurants and hair salons, or enhancing the layout of a website.

He is currently working on a series inspired by the highly acclaimed animated series Batman Beyond where characters dress up as playing cards.

Artist Link: Sharif I. Carter

Exhibit Location: A/C Lounge


San Diego Creative Arts Project (SDCAP) — 4715 30th St

Pamela Joy Weiler
Artist: Pamela Joy Weiler

“Found” and Fold art, 3D “found” objects mixed into multimedia color blast paintings.  Pamela Joy Weiler is an artist who resides in San Diego and Rosarita where she is opening a ship and gallery for her works.

PJW Art is about taking objects and making them into art

Artist Link: Pamela Joy Weiler

Exhibit Location: San Diego Creative Arts Project


Sabuku Sushi — Adams Ave — Community Sponsor

PJ Ortiz Luis
Artist: PJ Ortiz Luis

My birth name is Pacifico, but I go by “PJ”. I am an artist that tells stories through different mediums. This includes, but is not limited to, different genres of dance, traditional film photography, and performance poetry. The whole motivation behind why I do art is because its potential for self-expression and influencing a broad audience of people is limitless.

Specifically with photography, I like telling stories through oceanscapes using film cameras. I want the viewer to experience what it’s like to be out in the ocean floating with the sea life. Film allows me to slow down and focus on capturing the perfect moment. Having only 36 exposures, every photo must come out just right. Otherwise I’d ruin the experience of the open ocean by swimming back to shore every time I finish a roll of film.

Artist Link: PJ Ortiz Luis

Exhibit Location: Sabuku Sushi


Edward Jones — 3029 Adams Ave

Diane Johnson
Artist: Diane Johnson

Diane Johnson is a native San Diegan who has enjoyed a lifelong love of art.  After retiring from a 35-year career as a primary grade teacher, she embarked on a second career as an artist.  Her daughter is a local artist and the two frequently paint together.  Her artistic inspirations are European land and seascapes, particularly those of France and Italy.  Her work is currently displayed in a variety of local restaurants and shops.

Exhibit Location: Edward Jones


San Diego Guitar Repair — 3043 Adams Ave

Tazha Williams
Artist: Tazha Williams

Tazha Williams is a native of San Diego, California. She works primarily as a painter, occasionally in wood burning and print-making. Tazha studied Fine Art Painting at California College of the Arts in the San Francisco bay area. A Reason To Survive (A.R.T.S.), Alexander Salazar Fine Art gallery, Cal Arts and various other locations local to San Diego have exhibited her work. She has received awards by the Alexander Salazar Easel Art Fair, the Livingkindness Foundation and the Haudenschild Garage. Her artwork has also been featured in the San Diego Union Tribune, on The Today Show and on KUSI news. Tazha draws inspiration from spending time outdoors, writing and meditation. She propels viewers into thinking about the relationships between the abstract nature of ideas and the representational world of reality.

Artist Link:  Tazha Williams

Exhibit Location: San Diego Guitar Repair


Liquid Eden – Water Store — 3190 Adams Ave

Rich Walker
Artist: Rich Walker

Rich Walker will be presenting a  community collaborative, The Expression of Color.  Come express yourself and join in the fun.

Artist Link:  Rich Walker

Exhibit Location: Adams Ave Park


El Zarape — 3201 Adams Ave — Stage

Aesthetigeist Collective
Artist: Aesthetigeist Collective

Our goal is to find and create exhibition opportunities for artists both emerging and established. Secondly, and just as importantly, it is our intention to create a meeting ground for talented artists to share their art for encouragement, critique and collaboration. The results of these exchanges are to become the works exhibited.

Craig Hewitt and Jessica Johnson, San Diego artists, desire to create a community of all types of artists to share and show together. Painters, musicians, performers, all who are a servant to the spirit of art…we want to know you.

We are young, but we are strong and thrive to maintain talented and passionate artists.

We promise our members to always search for promising art exposure and outlets, and as artists we promise the world works of discipline and originality.

Members Teddy Pancake, Jessica Johnson, Bobbi Blane & Danica White will be showcased at El Zarape.

Artist Link: Aesthetigeist Collective

Exhibit Location: El Zarape

Teddy Pancake
Artist: Teddy Pancake

Teddy Pancake, aka Travis White, is a San Diego native influenced by surrealist, psychedelic and low-brow art. Pancake has blended aspects of these genres into a weird visual stew of characters and environments, harrowing yet strangely uplifting, and always unique to his personal artistic voice. His quest is to make intriguing technically proficient art that lends itself to repeated views and interpretations.

Artist Link: Teddy Pancake

Exhibit Location: El Zarape

Jessica Johnson
Artist: Jessica Johnson

Born and raised in San Diego, Jessica has been creating art for as long as she could pick up a crayon. Art has always played a large part in her life. Being a fashion design major, her love for fashion still constantly lingers over into her artwork.

Currently she is teaching art courses for children, teens and adults for several companies in San Diego County. Teaching has given her the opportunity to combine two of her passions: art & aiding people with their natural talents. She is also co-founder of the San Diego-based art collective Aesthetigeist as well as the founder of Hidden San Diego, which is a website that showcases all hidden, haunted and amazing spots in San Diego!

Photography is equally important to her as it gives her the opportunity to showcase the world through her own eyes. Currently she is the fashion photographer and stylist for Rico Knits as well as the photojournalist for her Hidden San Diego website.

Artist Link: Jessica Johnson

Exhibit Location: El Zarape


Artist: Bobbi Blaine

Bobbi grew up in San Diego, but left during high school in 1998.  She moved back to San Diego in 2013 after living in South Carolina, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.  She now lives in the beautiful San Carlos area with her husband and daughter.  Bobbi and her family spend a lot of time hiking and exploring the “hidden” areas of San Diego County and beyond.

After moving back to San Diego and exploring the desert and mountain areas, Bobbi found and fell in love with Manzanita. This was around the time bohemian wall hangings were taking off and she really fell in love with them.  She thought that local Manzanita wood was the perfect medium for macramé wall hangings and decided to start making them.  She enjoys creating new pieces inspired by nature and old school macramé.


Artist Link:  Bobbi Blaine

Exhibit Location: El Zarape


Villianous Lair Comics and Gaming — 3220 Adams Ave

Cale Winchester
Artist: Cale Winchester

Cale Winchester here, and I’m a 26 year old artist originally from Europe. I came to the states about 6 years ago and I am one of the employes for Villainous Lair Comics and Games. I went to school in Naples Italy graduating with a bachelors degree in multimedia and fine arts. I have been creating art and on commission for years working in a wide range of mediums from painting, drawing to sculpture and love making costumes and props. A lot of the decor in Villainous Lair is also done by my sister Sara and me.

Cale Winchester2Cale Winchester3Cale Winchester4


Exhibit Location: Villainous Lair Comics & Gaming


Adams Avenue Integrative Health — 3239 Adams Ave — Stage

Artist: health

Exhibit Location: Adams Avenue Integrative Health


Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga — 3301 Adams Ave

Artist: Sri Chinmoy

From 1974 until his passing in 2007, Sri Chinmoy created over 140,000 pieces of abstract mystical art, along with almost 16 million drawings of birds symbolizing the freedom of the human soul. Sri Chinmoy painted in a spontaneous style he called Jharna-Kala, which means ‘fountain-art’ in his native Bengali. “I do not use the mind; I use the heart,” Sri Chinmoy explained, “I try to make my heart a receptive instrument so that God, the Supreme Artist, can paint in and through me.” Sri Chinmoy’s artworks have been exhibited in over 20 countries around the world, in galleries such as the Caroussel du Louvre in Paris and distinguished buildings such as the United Nations Secretariat in New York and the parliament buildings of the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the Ukraine.

Exhibit Location: Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga


Artist: Papaha

Papaha has been a working artist and designer for over 30 years in San Diego. Currently he has been exploring sculptural installations and site specific digital projections. The projections utilize various types of media including painting and digital animation, and are created for specific architectural locations and sculptural works. Papaha writes: “Art can no longer evolve except towards the Divine. Going into the 21st Century we find the mental and conceptual evolution of art has lost fulfillment and connection with the common man. To rekindle man’s aspiring oneness with art, we must now evolve from creating with the mind to creating with the heart, and eventually, with the Soul.”

Exhibit Location: Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga


Adams Ave Car Wash — 3302 Adams Ave — Stage

Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra
Artist: Villainous Lair Stage


Exhibit Location: Adams Ave Car Wash


Zia Gourmet Pizza — 3311 Adams Ave

Bridgette Dice
Artist: Bridgette Dice
Born in San  Diego ca, but lived up in northern California from the age 5, her parents (both beautiful artists themselves) packed up her and her 7 siblings to head to the mountains close to the Organ border.
Living in this peaceful space Bridgette Dice really opened up to expressing herself through all different mediums at a young age, to this Day she lives creating works of art, that really let her feelings out to share with anyone and everyone.
 Bridgette Dice is a person with a mission to leave the world a better place.
She and her Love have a beautiful business that offers healthy foods,art,music, inspiration,love, yoga for those that can’t afford it. You may find more information at website  www.OrganicfamilyTree.com


Exhibit Location: Zia Gourmet Pizza


Jonathan Wenner - Unity21
Artist: Jonathan Wenner (Unity21)

Jonathan Wenner was born in Manhasset, New York. He grew up in both Elmont, New York and Newfoundland, Pennsylvania. The urban versus country atmospheres sculpted into multi faceted content. His education has been gained from experience, a few teachers and the privilege of great peers met sporadically all over the United States. He has painted murals in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Chicago, San Diego and specializes in custom helmets, bikes, cars, tattoos, portraits, and pretty much anything artistic he will find a way to make it happen. The name Unity came as a result of spiritual experience and it simply displaces himself from taking credit for what God is doing through him. He currently resides in San Diego as a home base but will continue to travel all over the world, painting, learning cultures, and creating unity.

Artist Link: Jonathan Wenner (Unity21)

Exhibit Location: Zia Gourmet Pizza


The Book Tree — 3316 Adams Ave

Katie Halvin
Artist: Katie Halvin

Born in southern California, Katie Halvin lived in San Diego as a young child and throughout the southwest and Florida. Katie returned to San Diego in 1986 and has called La Mesa home since 1996. Ever since she was a little girl, Katie has been enthralled by color, nature and music. Their respective influence on her, undeniable and their combined influence upon her, life changing! A retired Chief Torpedoman, she is proud to have served her country and her family. Her life experience brings depth to her work. Her passion and zest for life is reflected there as well. Each piece is a story of a person or an event. Ask her about them, she would be glad to share. Making a living as an artist is Katie’s dream, but more importantly sharing her world through art so that it may influence someone else to pursuit their dream first, is what drives her. Each day she strives to create something new. When she succeeds her flight of fancy comes alive in the hearts and minds of others. She hopes you are one of them. Check out her website at katsworldart.com

Artist Link: Katie Halvin

Exhibit Location: The Book Tree


ArtFORM / Rare Hare Studios — 3316 Adams Ave Suite B

Artist: ArtFORM / Rare Hare Studios

ArtFORM will have an open house displaying the types of projects that can be made from creative reuse.

Creative Reuse Store OPEN during the Art Around Adams event.

Come gather recycled materials and art supplies fro a low cost donation.

Exhibit Location: ArtFORM / Rare Hare Studios


Viva Pops — 3330 Adams Ave

Anna Tillett
Artist: Anna Tillett

Anna Tillett was born in Florida, where she spent the majority of her life until attending college at Memphis College of Art in Memphis, TN.   It was there that she earned a B.F.A. in illustration, and solidified her love of all things BBQ and Elvis. After a brief time designing greeting cards and working as a freelance illustrator, she relocated to southern California.  While in SoCal, she enjoyed eating her way through L.A., painting socially awkward bunnies, and illustrating for children’s books.  As of last year, she said goodbye to SoCal and hello to less traffic in Sarasota, Florida, where she now resides. She misses In-N-Out.

Tillett’s work has been licensed for use as set decor on the ABC Family Movie “The Mistle-tones”, as well as spotted in episode 4 of the HGTV show Emily Henderson’s “Secrets From a Stylist”.  You can currently find her work in stores and galleries such as Signed and Numbered of Salt Lake City, Tin Top of Winchester, VA, Viva Pops of San Diego, Sassysquatch tees at Threadless.com, and her original paintings represented through Trifecta Gallery of Las Vegas, Graphite Galleries of New Orleans, and Bear and Bird Gallery of Ft. Lauderhill.

Clients and works in print include:  Markwin’s International, Threadless, Nie Studio, Viva Pops, The Imagineering Company of San Francisco, Chefables, SnoCal Shaved Ice, Alchemy, Olive Juice, Bank Tennessee, Alternatives Unlimited, The Great Gulf Coast Art’s Festival, Paul the Red-Billed PuffinColleen the ChameleonHoover the Talking SealHoller for the Dollar, and “12 Dancing Princesses with Two Left Feet” selected for print in Communication Arts Illustration Annual 43.

Artist Link: Anna Tillett

Exhibit Location: Viva Pops


La Loupe Vintage — 3337 Adams Ave

Justine Tachiki
Artist: Justine Tachiki

Artist Link: Justine Tachiki

Exhibit Location: La Loupe Vintage

Zoie Wilson
Artist: Zoie Wilson

I’m an artist, an engaged observer.

Artist Link: Zoie Wilson

Exhibit Location: La Loupe Vintage


Bine and Vine — 3334 Adams

Thao Huynh
Artist: Thao Huynh

Exhibit Location: Bine and Vine


Lestat’s West — 3343 Adams — Stage

Artist: Lestat’s West


Exhibit Location: Lestat's West


Lestat’s Coffee — 3343 Adams Ave

Artist: Wonka Gallery

variety of artists from Wonka Gallery WonkaGallery

Exhibit Location: Lestat's Coffee House


Buddha Baby — 3342 Adams Ave

Lauren Tannehill
Artist: Lauren Tannehill

a California Mermaid…

    Lauren grew up on the sunny beaches of southern California. She has been surfing over 15 years and painting ocean landscapes since she was a child. naturally lauren gravitated to hawaii where she attended college. Lauren loves spreading Aloha and positive vibes through her art. she finds inspiration in bright bold colors and surfing, of course! Lauren feels as though life is crazy enough and finds pleasure in creating simple art with happy bright colors and engaging lines. since opening her etsy shop in early 2014, Lauren has had tremendous feedback and ships to countries all over the world! 

Artist Link: Lauren Tannehill

Enlightened surf art – www.etsy.com/shop/laurentannehillart

Exhibit Location: Buddha Baby


NH Unity Mason Lodge Parking Lot — 3366 Adams Ave — Stage

Super Awesome Showdown
Artist: Mason Lodge Parking Lot



Exhibit Location: NH Unity Mason Lodge


NH Unity Mason Lodge (inside) — 3366 Adams Ave — Stage

Greg Lloyd art
Artist: Greg Lloyd

A dynamic blend of art and music, Greg Lloyd’s Kinetic Collage may best be
described as video “painting”.
Born from the free-spirited rock & roll light shows of the 60s, Kinetic
Collage is now an all digital mix of compelling abstract visuals combined
with customized imagery and performed with a unique soundtrack of
underground electronica music.

Whether softly painting amorphous forms, or flashing rhythmically to a
syncopated beat, Kinetic Collage will transform its space into an exciting
multi-dimensional experience.

Greg Llyod art2

Greg Lloyd art3Greg Lloyd art4


Artist Link:  Greg Lloyd

Exhibit Location: Mason Unity Lodge (inside)


Burnside — 3373 Adams Ave

Artist: Burnside

Exhibit Location: Burnside


Sycamore Den — 3391 Adams Ave

Monty Montgomery
Artist: Monty Montgomery

Monty Montgomery began exhibiting his work in 2002. Born and raised in Virginia, Montgomery loved black lines and bright colors at a very young age and was influenced by his mother who was a kindergarten teacher. “I started doing art really young,” Montgomery says. “Grabbing crayons and markers and trying to fill in good old-fashioned coloring books. I remember having a massive amount of coloring books and being able to sit for hours with my mom at the kitchen table trying to get each page perfect.”

Montgomery’s use of “stars” in his work comes from years of sitting with his Grandfather as he pointed out constellations through the dark, small town, Virginia skies. “It was always magical listening to my Grandfather and learning about the stars”, Montgomery says. “I will always remember that feeling as a little boy and try to somehow bring it back to life in my paintings.” Through his teenage years he discovered this visual connection was becoming more and more a substance for him to express his inner works of art. In his junior year at Longwood University, he launched Cilli Original Designs and began spreading his word through clothing, paintings, poetry, stickers, and culture. Montgomery went on to earn his BFA from Longwood University in 1998.

While based in Charlottesville, Va. and working on various design projects in the music/surf/skate industries along the East Coast, Montgomery opened, operated, and curated, C.O.D. Gallery & Studios on the Downtown Mall in “C-VILLE” and joined forces with the “SOA” Sound of Art in New York City for a period of time.  After many great years in Virginia, he made the move to Boston, Ma. in 2006 to expand his vision. “Almost every single one of my pieces has a specific meaning to it, a vibe, a feeling or message that I want you to take in and walk away with,” Montgomery says. “I not only want to hit you with my vision of color and lines, but even more so with the message within each creation. My job is to create art that makes you feel.”

In 2008 Montgomery made the move to San Diego, California and launched http://www.montymontgomeryart.com. He is currently based in San Diego and continues to focus in on his works and take on various projects across the USA. Montgomery recently combined forces with J Feather, another San Diego based Artist and the duo formed KREASHUN in 2012. KREASHUN is a combination of both Artist’s visions and talents coming together to create one lucid dream of experience upon interior and exterior walls around the globe. Experience this new vision at http://www.kreashun.com.

Owner at Monty Montgomery Art.

Artist Link: Monty Montgomery

Exhibit Location: Sycamore Den


Key Crew — 3401-B Adams

Jen Fong
Artist: Jen Fong

i consider my art organic. it flows from me when i’m inspired… a fleeting glimpse of what goes on in my head… and in my heart, unfiltered and indulgent. i believe we are all uniquely beautiful.. in rhythm and form, shape and balance, strength and vulnerability…physically, figuratively and spiritually. perfectly imperfect. a native san diegan, i am an enthusiast of hugs, smiles and recycling. i believe every day is a gift.. and live towards spreading love through art, music, and compassion…especially over coffee :)

Artist Link:  Jen Fong

Exhibit Location: Key Crew


Box Stop — 3402-A Adams

Artist: Ed Mello

Artist Link:  Ed Mello

Exhibit Location: The Box Stop


Rosie O’Grady’s — 3402 Adams Ave — Stage

Paris Davis
Artist: Paris Davis

Regeneration-Art Recipe


1 Ton Donated Material

1 Artist

Step One: Collect donations in the local community.

Step Two: Blend in a high-speed mixer until smooth. Consistency should be like caramel.

Step Three: Ride On.

Artist Link: Paris Davis

Exhibit Location: Rosie O' Grady's


Heights Optometry — 3404 Adams Ave

Thomas Murray
Artist: Thomas Murray

Thomas Murray grew up in the rural suburbs of Northern New Jersey. Thomas has always loved art, but also liked sports as a kid. So in the awkward high school stages of trying to find his identity, the push and pull of jock vs. artist warped Thomas sense of self a bit. To the jocks he was an art nerd. To the artists, he was a dumb jock. Thomas learned a thick skin to stubbornly pursue his interests, with each painting a defiant thumbed nose at the oppressive sports jerks. That was years and years ago, but obviously impactful if that is what he mentioned.

Thomas moved to San Diego in 2001, which he claims is one of the best decisions he ever made. Now Thomas paints in the evenings and weekends, usually, in his garage studio, with his dog at his feet and a home brewed beer nearby.

Thomas loves to encourage other people to be creative. People can be creative in ways other than just the traditional painting and sculpting. There are writers, musicians, brewers, makers and bakers that can attest to that. Please come by and talk to Thomas about your creative interests.

When he is not painting, Thomas is an attorney here in San Diego, and also is a home brewer, craft beer fanatic, fledgling harmonica player and NFL/UFC fan.

Artist Link: Thomas Murray

Exhibit Location: Heights Optiometry


Blind Lady Ale House — 3416 Adams Ave


Brooklyn Bicycles — 3421 Adams Ave

Enrique Plazola
Artist: Enrique Plazola

I’ve been a working artist for 8 years. I specialize in illustration,concept art, and fine art. I was trained at Studio Second Street, and attended Art Center’s Entertainment Program.

Artist Link: Enrique Plazola

Exhibit Location: Brooklyn Bicycles


Lyndon Kerse
Artist: Lyndon Kerse

Exhibit Location: Brooklyn Bicycles


Bicycle Valet — 3426 Adams Ave — Sponsored by Brooklyn Bicycles

bike valet
Artist: Bike Valet

Black Anvil Tattoo Shop — 3439 Adams Ave

Black Anvil Tattoo Shop
Artist: Black Anvil Tattoo Shop

Painting, Drawing, & Tattoo Art by Brent Hefner, Greg Bartz, & R.J. Grijalva

Exhibit Location: Black Anvil Tattoo Shop

RJ Grijalva
Artist: RJ Grijalva

Professional Tattooer. Black Anvil Tattoo Shop

I’ve been tattooing professionally for the better part of a decade, and tinkering with machines since the beginning. In 2009 I started hand building tattoo machines from scratch. My machines have been constantly improved upon for years and I stand by my work. Every machine is guaranteed for life.

Artist Link: RJ Grijalva

Exhibit Location: Black Anvil Tattoo Shop

Greg Bartz
Artist: Greg Bartz

I have been obsessed with body art ever since I got my first tattoo. A mostly self-taught tattooer I have been tattooing since 2005. I love all styles of tattooing but have been really loving realism lately. I have been an artist as long as I can remember and got a graphic design degree in 2004 from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.
My art is greatly influenced by the world around me and the artists I work with. As well as such artists as Drew Struzan Mark Ryden, A. Mucha, Salem. Thanks for checking out my website. Feel free to drop me a line and ask any questions you may have. For my latest work and pictures check me out on

Artist link: Greg Bartz


Exhibit Location: Black Anvil Tattoo Shop

Brent Hefner
Artist: Brent Hefner

Brent Hefner began his love for art when he was a young boy. He was given a golden ticket and allowed inside a large beer brewing factory and led around by a strange man who liked to sing and dance with little people who sang songs making fun of other contest winners. He discovered at a young age the power of art but since singing and dancing really wasn’t his thing, he escaped and hid in Northern California.
He developed a love for drawing and painting and would draw pictures of skulls and demons while passing notes to girls in class. “Do you like me? Yes… No… Maybe….” This love for drawing developed into a full blown enterprise for Brent drawing pictures on notes for other people in school to pass off as their own.

By age 13 Brent was a full blown hundred-aire and was on top of the world until a girl went public with one of his notes and Brent was forced into art rehab. While in rehab 15 other girls came forward and snitched that Brent had been sending them art covered notes too. This forced Brent into hiding once again only to surface 10 years later….
In San Diego.
Part of his rehab was Brent was no longer allowed to make art on paper so he switched up and started tattooing people. Come in and meet with Brent as part of his lifelong battle with art addiction. Remember every little bit helps and you are not just doing it for art, or for Brent, you are doing it for Corey

Artist Link: Brent Hefner

Exhibit Location: Black Anvil Tattoo Shop


InSlider Food Truck — 3441 Adams Ave — Title Sponsor

Artist: InSlider

The Inslider is San Diego’s hottest food truck addiction, serving gourmet sliders and sides on the go.

San Diego's Best Food Truck

Have you ever visited a restaurant and simply could not decide which single item to order? We know the feeling. It is that desire to try a little bit of everything that inspired the concept behind The InSlider.

Driven by variety, our first steps were to ask for input from the community on an assortment of topics from our name to colors for the truck. We then united a team with diverse experience in culinary, business and creative ventures. After much anticipation, and months spent developing the menu/preparing the truck – TheInslider hit the streets in April 2012. We’ve been serving up gourmet sliders and fries all over San Diego ever since.

Community, sharing, variety, and a love for unique, tasty food have inspired us to embark on this culinary adventure. Come join us!

Business Link:  Inslider

Exhibit Location: Smitty's Stage


Smitty’s — 3441 Adams Ave — Blindspot Record Stage

Lyrical Groove
Artist: Smitty’s Stage


Exhibit Location: Smitty's Service


Mariposa Ice Cream — 3450 Adams Ave

Padgett Mason
Artist: Padgett Mason

Padgett Mason is a San Diego artist known for her Pet Portraits as she has the ability of capturing the unique personality of each animal.  Every piece is highly energized, colorful, and typically injected with a bit of whimsy.  Cats and dogs are the most popular subjects but all animals are possible.  Padgett works in many different styles.  The majority of her work is in an illustrative fashion full of character and humor.  She also creates realistic pieces, though they are often charged with color.  The Funky Feline series emerged 7 years ago.  One of Padgett’s online art groups had a colorful character challenge and the Hue Crew/Funky Felines were born.  Original artwork can be seen at Spanish Village in Balboa Park as well as Mission Federal ArtWalk and Art Around Adams (please see Events & Venues page for details).

Artist Link: Padgett Mason

Exhibit Location: Mariposa Ice Cream


Tam’s Thai — 3456 Adams Ave

Anh Pham
Artist: Anh Pham

Anh Pham was born in Saigon, Vietnam during the war. In the U.S. he honed his gift at visual art and now creates fine art in the subjects of Vietnamese ornithology and Vietnamese culture. Using the airbrush and pencil, he has created images illustrating the symbiosis of Vietnamese a birds and Village life. On display at Tam’s Thai food restaurant during Art Around Adams, you can view these dreamlike paintings and experience Vietnam

Anh Pham2

Exhibit Location: Tam's Thai


Adams Ave Park — 3491 Adams Ave — Info Booth, Vendors, Community Mural

Rich Walker
Artist: Rich Walker

Rich Walker will be presenting a  community collaborative, The Expression of Color.  Come express yourself and join in the fun.

Artist Link:  Rich Walker

Exhibit Location: Adams Ave Park


Movie in the Park — 3491 Adams Ave — Playing Big Hero 6

big hero 6
Artist: Big Hero 6

Movie starts at 7:30

Exhibit Location: Adams Ave Community Park


Dimille’s — 3492 Adams Ave — Beer Garden

Artist: Dimille’s

Exhibit Location: Dimille's


Adams Avenue Book Store — 3502 Adams Ave

The Labyrinth Collective
Artist: The Labyrinth Steampunk Collective

The Labyrinth Collective is a group of San Diego artists who love to create and participate in Steam Punk style art, clothing and related activities.  The group is composed of Liz Davidson / Susan Schiele of Lost in Time Clothing, Debra Berl of Wired Redhead Jewelry, Steve Arce of TarotbySteve – Steampunk themed tarot readings, Ninah Elliot (Jewelry and accessories), Nancy Hay (Decorative Arts), and Jenny Legend (Steam Punk Hats).

Artist Link: The Labyrinth Steampunk Collective

Exhibit Location: Adams Avenue Book Store


Barberside — 3506 Adams Ave

Manuel Cisneros
Artist: Manuel Cisneros

Become mesmerized by the precise application of thin lines of paint in the pinstriping demonstration by Manuel Cisneros. Commonly used to decorate Lowrider cars and motorcycles pinstriping is a look at the custom car culture lifestyle.

Artist Link:  Manuel Cisneros

Exhibit Location: Barberside

Artist: Quinn Early

He received his degree in Commercial Art and was commissioned by the University of Iowa to paint an oil portrait of Hayden Fry, coach of the Hawkeyes, for his tenure at Iowa.

He also was commissioned by New Orleans Saints to create the team yearbook in 1993. In 2002, he became the design director and Vice President for QPro Products, a sports nutrition company that focused on educating athletes about exercise, eating, and proper supplementation.

Exhibit Location: Barberside

Peter Han
Artist: Peter Han

Richard Peter Han was educated at Art Center College of Design and graduated with a B.A. in illustration with a focus on entertainment design. He then started working in concept design for video games creating work for major companies such as Sony, Konami, Cheyenne Mountain, Trion, Vivendi Universal, and many more. Peter is currently working at Sony as a contract concept artist.

Credits: Warhawk, Spyro the Dragon, Stargate Worlds, Silent Hill Experience, and Defiance.


Artist Link:  Peter Han

Exhibit Location: Barberside


Stuff — 3514 Adams Ave

Artist: Various artists
Welcome to Stuff Furniture Consignment Shop – Voted BEST of San Diego! Offering a unique selection of furniture, art, lamps, garden & patio items, architectural elements, home accents and much more! We keep a large inventory of desks, tables, chairs, dressers, night stands, trunks, end tables, coffee tables, sofa tables, bookcases, file cabinets, and other desired pieces.
You will find Antique Pieces, Danish Modern, Farm House, Country French,Vintage, and Modern pieces, as well as a nice assortment of GARDEN and PATIO Items.

Artist Link:  Various artwork

Exhibit Location: Stuff


Back From Tombutou — 3554 Adams Ave

Back From Tomboctou
Artist: Tombuctou

Sugar art from Mexico. Live sugar skull decorating and face painting.


Exhibit Location: Back From Tombuctou


House of Imago — 3585 Adams Ave

Allen Randall2
Artist: Allen Randall

Allen Randall’s passion for art was first sparked during the tumultuous 1960’s when Andy Warhol and PeterMax were breaking onto the pop-art scene. Picasso and Salvador Dali were still top names in the art world.During those years Allen experimented with acrylics, watercolors, pencil, sculpture and mixed-media. He also developed a deep passion for photography, even setting up his own dark room. His artistic experimentation was however short-circuited by the counter-culture fervor of the times which drew Allen intoanti-war protests and revolutionary politics. As a result, Allen’s artistic endeavors were sidelined, not to be picked up again until four decades later.  During those years Allen’s simmering artistic yearnings were partiallysatisfied through his passion for photography. Indeed, his early black and white photography, along with his singular way of looking at the world around him, worked to cultivate in him a keen eye for graphic composition which would serve him well when he later took up painting. In 2010 that long dormant youthful artistic impulse was unexpectedly rekindled in Allen’s life when the Rushing Academy of Fine Art moved from North Park to its new Normal Heights location on Adams Avenue. Visiting the studio and meeting Andrea Rushing was all it took to stimulate Allen’s dormant creative juices and get him to begin taking lessons. Diving into the artistic deep end, Allen tackled portraiture first thing, reflecting his love for people and theirinfinitely unique faces and expressions. Allen has also begun to show his photos. His photos  reflect the beautyhe finds in nature and in the common objects which adorn our everyday world. Allen is anxious to explore all the various subjects and styles of art, while he hones his skills and develops his own artistic “signature.”


Artist Link:  Allen Randall

Exhibit Location: House of Imago


Home Start Thrift Boutique — 3611 Adams Ave

Robert Piper
Artist: Robert Piper

Art and psychology have always been my two passions in life! Although these majors appear to be on opposite sides of the scholastic spectrum, I have found that focusing specifically on the psychology of how we visually perceive the world acts as a unifying prism that blends these seemingly divergent subjects into one bright career path.

In many ways art is like a visual language, it has the communicative power to universally connect, direct, inspire, entice, emote, promote and much more. Every form of art has a different voice, tone, and visual grammar, which is why I have tried to learn as many art forms as possible. Everything from murals to mosaics, aerosol to airbrush, glassblowing to ceramics, painting to printing, and drawing to digital designs I can and love to do it all!

When I am not drafting graphics for clients I am drawing images for my classes at SDSU. I am currently a senior honors student at San Diego State University, where I am double majoring in Graphic Design and Psychology. Understanding the linkage in my dual major is key to recognizing that I am equally as proficient in rendering to create unique design solutions as I am interested in understanding helping and developing strong bonds with my team of co-workers. In addition psychology helps me to understand the relationship between the visual perception and cognitive interpretation of an image. As a result I try to utilize my knowledge of how the brain works and integrate these concepts and ideas into my creative process.

Artist Link: Robert Piper

Exhibit Location: Home Start Thrift Boutique


Clay Associates — 3667 Adams Ave — Spring Sale

Clay Associates / Eric Woods
Artist: Clay Associates

Spring Ceramics Sale

Featuring new work by Associates and students
with new items added throughout the sale

Clay Associates is a ceramics studio whose mission is the advancement of the clay arts and of arts in general. Established in 1986 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, it is a structured collective of nine associates – potters and sculptors. It maintains studio and classroom space in an encouraging and nourishing environment to promote growth in the creation and teaching of the clay arts.

As put so well by Paulus Berensohn in ‘Finding One’s Way with Clay’ – “To form something with clay, whether to use or look at, is one of the most basic human experiences available to all of us. In an age of ready-mades, where we are not given an opportunity for full participation in the objects of our lives, the highly plastic material of clay offers us that now rare experience of seeing something through from the very beginning.”

The appeal of this experience is probably what draws most people to Clay Associates.

The Clay Associates are Eric Woods, Evelyn Goldman, Gerald Thiebolt, Lance Walsh, Michael Nobel, Shaun Craig, and Warren Bakley.

Artist Link: Clay Associates

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Eric Woods
Artist: Eric Woods

Associate at Clay Associates

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Evelyn Goldman
Artist: Evelyn Goldman

An autodidact in ceramics, I was introduced to clay at the Genesee Co-op Communiversity in Rochester, New York in 1972. The meeting was pure serendipity. I was hoping to learn weaving, but wool was expensive, I was broke, and clay was cheap! Time passes, life changes, and livings have to be made. San Diego became the new location, a law degree the new goal (not as an autodidact). The end of clay? Not at all. Another episode of serendipity: down the street, actually within walking distance, was the best pottery studio in San Diego. First, Clay Dimensions, then, Clay Associates. There I landed in 1978 and here I stay.

For the most part, my work is wheel thrown; stoneware is my medium. While confining myself to the rigors of the potter’s wheel, my personal challenge is produce work which contains strong organic elements. I enjoy freeing up the form through cutting, adding coils, utilizing trim lines, and finally, using glazes which fit. In my view, organic imperfections enhance the aesthetics of the piece while not interfering with its function.

In recent years, I have been exploring the wide world of hand built ceramics. The results are wedge and box shaped plant holders, along with the beginnings of sculptural forms. The lesson in this new exploration of clay is that there really is no end. Lucky me!

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Gerald Thiebolt
Artist: Gerald Thiebolt

where you can find my work

  • Memorial Wall, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Diegito
    Solana Beach, CA 92075
  • Wall of Remembrance, Sacred Heart Church of Ocean Beach
    (not open to the public?)
    San Diego, CA 92107

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Shaun Craig
Artist: Shaun Craig

“Strength without flexibility is tyranny. Flexibility without strength is weakness. One without the other is chaos. Both together in balance is harmony.”

I am a 4th generation San Diego native who grew up loving the mountains, desert and beaches. Drawing was my first love until I discovered clay in the 3rd. grade. In high school I was able to take my first ceramics class and I immediately fell in love with the medium. I was so excited that I could draw three dimensionally in space with my forms!

I am continually inspired by natural and native elements in my environment. I love clean simple lines, enhanced by surface decoration. I love functional work that fills my eye with art and beauty. I am constantly finding inspiration from sticks, rocks, pinecones and other elements of nature. The complex simplicity in the forms is a source of never ending fascination for me. I love to use art in my life so when people have a piece of mine I want them to use it and enjoy it in an everyday setting.

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Warren Bakley
Artist: Warren Bakley

I hold a Bachelor of Fine arts degree from the Philadelphia College of Art now the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA with continuing study in ceramics and clay arts at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine and Alfred University, Alfred NY. My work experience has been as Exhibits Designer with the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, Design Consultant for American Olean Tile Company, Landsdowne, PA, Interior Designer with three major architectural firms, and institutional and residential projects as an Associate with Diversified Interior Design Associates, Philadelphia, PA.

My teaching experience has been of graduate level design at Drexel University and Junior and Senior level design at Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA, Classical Art and Sculpture in Florence, Italy through Trenton State University, Trenton, NJ, Design at San Diego State University, the Community Colleges of Cuyamaca and Southwestern in California and Ceramics at Clay Associates, San Diego CA.

Publication of my work is included:

  • Ceramics in America, Robert Hunter Editor, 2008.
  • “PROFILES” a 30 minute video interview with Mark Elliott Lugo made by San Diego City TV 24.
  • Conversations on Beauty video taped panel discussion, Western Behavioral Sciences Institute, La Jolla, CA.

Exhibitions include:

  • California Center for the Arts, Escondido, CA
  • Ceramic Artists of San Diego
  • The San Diego Art Institute
  • The San Diego Public Library
  • The Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, La Jolla
  • Clay Associates
  • Nine times first prize winner of the annual Sculpture Division, Imperial Beach Sand Sculpture Competition, Imperial Beach, CA.

My work has been included:

  • The Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York City
  • The permanent collections of the Norfolk Art Museum, Norfolk Virginia
  • The United States Information Agency traveling exhibitions

Work in Private Collections:

  • The Westminster Press, Philadelphia, PA
  • The Coleman Clinic of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Bryn Mawr College
  • Pennsylvania State University, College Park, PA
  • Automatic Retailers of America
  • Gwynedd Mercy College, Gwynedd, PA
  • St. John of God, Westfield Grove, NJ
  • The Gentry Corporation, San Diego, CA
  • The Starkey Corporation, Michigan
  • The Koll Company Irvine, CA

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Michael Nobel
Artist: Michael Nobel
My work in Ceramics is an exploration of nature as a medium to finding new self-truths. This body of work reflects on a childhood growing up in the backwoods of Oregon. Physical and spiritual exploration abounded in the solitude of nature and spawned self-realization. The forms that I work with explore soulful moments of life transitions as a son, father, and lover. 
 While studying ceramics at George Fox University I was introduced to Anagama (wood) and Raku firing. While my studies focused on modern interpretations of Japanese Art, my foundation in art is based on the complexity that is explored in the Edo period of Japanese Art. In the Edo period, ceramic art was able to participate in the development of color bursts and patterns that were favored in the Momoyama period. Within the Edo Period, ceramics underwent dramatic changes as materials for firing at higher temperatures were developed and allowed refinement of texture and tone of color palettes. The integration of Japanese styles with my background in nature studies has influenced my voice as an artist. I find freedom of artistic expression within the richness of this refined medium.  
Career Summary
Michael Noble currently holds the position of Associate at Clay Associates in San Diego, CA. A student of  plants and flowers of Central Oregon, Michael was enrolled at age 15 in private art lessons with M. Shankman, MFA. Additionally, his studies have included classes with potter Xiaosheng Bi, Kevin Hluch, and Mark Terry, MFA. His work in Ceramics for the last seventeen years has been in wheel throwing and hand-building. Michael has worked as an Artist in Residence at Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland. He studied art at George Fox University in Portland, Oregon and other schools in Maryland. 
Artist Link: Michael Nobel


Exhibit Location: Clay Associates

Artist: Lance Walsh

One of the Clay Associates showing work.

Exhibit Location: Clay Associates


Chez Rouge — 3683 Adams Ave

KimCHI (aka Linda Nguyen)
Artist: KimCHI

KimCHI (aka Linda Nguyen) is a San Diego native that grew up around Adams Avenue. Surrounded by several artists in her family, the expressive talent came naturally for her, and she has been creating since she was a child.

Her life experiences are her inspiration and her canvases capture your attention with their large scale and intricate detail. She also finds inspiration in the beauty and allure of sex and the female form. She displays the juxtaposition of dangerous beauty by adorning her girls with guns and ammo.

KimCHI is a strong supporter of small local businesses in San Diego. She occasionally displays art at Chez Rouge Salon, a shop on Adams Ave owned by her sister, as well as Villainous Lair Comics and Little Fish Comic Studio, a local studio that teaches art to all ages. She has also participated in several local art shows with RAWartists San Diego, Thumbprint Gallery, and The Infusion Project.

When KimCHI is not painting, she spends time designing costumes to cosplay for Comic Con International: San Diego. All components of her costumes are made by hand – she paints, forms, and sculpts everything from masks, weapons, and accessories. It’s a grueling process of trial and error, but the end results make everything worthwhile. She has been featured on several costume websites and even made an appearance on The Colbert Report. Eventually she would like to travel to other conventions in different cities to showcase her passion for cosplay.

Artist Link: KimCHI (aka Linda Nguyen)

Exhibit Location: Chez ROUGE Salon


JAMade — 3723 Adams Ave

Artist: JAMade
I am an artist.I appreciate life and my goal is to create, rather than replicate.My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel & experience.
I don’t set out to produce art about one subject or another, but instead an expression of myself, mixed with ideas and emotions, leaving each piece to tell a story.
I am a collector of many things and have always looked at discarded or recycled materials as a form of art. Creating art from things I’ve had for years has become very therapeutic…a form of self-expression.
Realizing that, I have opened up new ideas and possibilities in my art, and for me, releasing my creative juices is as much a part of life as breathing. ..
I love this BiG fat world we live in, and my reality includes everything that is and has being, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible.
Be your art!!
Follow it, own it,
talk it, walk it…
listen to it.
Open your eyes, ears and mind to your truth;
what’s in your heart…
what’s in your soul.
Artist Link:  Jam-ade

Exhibit Location: Jam-ade


Cafe Cabaret — 3739 Adams Ave

Joni Nunez
Artist: Joni Nunez

Joni Nunez is a San Diego based multi media artist. She is inspired by Mexican culture, the people, colors, and history. Her main inspirations are Calacas, Dia De Los Muertos, Sagrado Corazones, y La Virgen De Guadalupe.

Artist Link:  Joni Nunez

Exhibit Location: Cafe Cabaret


McDaniel Tax and Administration — 3802 Adams Ave

Brianna Baer
Artist: Brianna Baer

Inspired by a variety of music genres, skeletons, and optimistic views. I’ve been on this skeleton kick for a couple of year now. I use acrylic on canvas.

Artist Link:  Brianna Baer

Exhibit Location: McDaniel Tax and Administration


Get Fit on Adams — 3806 Adams Ave — Stage

Daniel Jaimes
Artist: Daniel Jaimes

Thanks to a little known space fantasy film called Star Wars which premiered in May 1977…it was by far the most amazing and Epic movie I’ve ever seen!   As for this 10 year old native kid at that time…I was totally blown away by the special effects which inspired me to pick up a pencil  and began drawing spaceships, characters and battle scenes from the movie which seemed to come natural at such a young age. Thank you George Lucas, Phil Tippett, Dennis Muren and all those at LucasFilm that brought the Saga into my life. From that moment on, I was drawing on any piece of paper I could get my hands on, and being the second youngest of 10 kids…Yes, you heard me right…10 kids, there was plenty of paper to be found! You could say it was my new way of escaping the realities of the real world and entering my own world with imagination during my childhood. My creative side continued all the way to high school and into my early twenties until my interest in art slowly began to decline due to the lack of appeal, therefore never pursuing a career in art nor exceeding it to the next level. Therefore my drawing days came to an end for the next seventeen years with no regrets…until the passing of my Father in SEPTEMBER 2006. With only two days before the funeral services, I wanted to give my grieving Mother something very special and meaningful. So I literally locked myself up with as many photos of my Dad and just like that…began drawing all over again. What originally started as a self portrait, ended up becoming a life collage of fond memories of him. It was by far the hardest 36 hours I’ve had to endure. Thereby finishing the drawing on time as it stood next to his final resting place. My Mother , my Family and all those in attendance  loved It…as it proudly hangs in her living room to this very day.


Artist Link:  Daniel Jaimes

Exhibit Location: Get Fit on Adams


The Haven — 4051 Adams Ave

Kim MacConnel
Artist: Kim MacConnel

Kim MacConnel is an influential artist in the Pattern and Decoration Movement of the 1970s. Working with design elements, MacConnel has made frivolity a fine art. Taking cues from Picasso and the so-called “primitivists,” MacConnel has taken the primitive and made it relevant in different dialogues between cultures. MacConnels’ paintings may look as though influenced by the Cubists, which they are, but there is a deeper meaning below the surface based in the materials he uses, and the meeting place he creates through cross-cultural interactions.

MacConnel has worked in San Diego for the past 30 years, and has recently retired as a professor of art from UCSD. MacConnel is a seminal figure in the Pattern and Decoration movement of the seventies, but overall MacConnel’s oeuvre has surpassed being categorized. His sensibility and talent has created a unique language using color and composition. He persuades the viewer to appreciate the appeal and conceptual property of patterns and draws inspiration from such wide-ranging and multicultural resources as the textile arts of numerous world regions, found graphic images, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso.

In 1969 MacConnel received his BA from UCSD and an MFA in 1972. He has taught in the Visual Arts Department in various capacities between 1976 and 1980, and permanently since 1987 until retirement in 2009. His work has been exhibited in the Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial Exhibition’s in 1975, 1977, 1979, 1981, and 1985; The Museum of Modern Art’s An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture, 1984; The Venice Biennale, 1984; inSite 1992, 1994. MacConnels’ work belongs in such collections as the National Gallery of Art, the Morton G. Neumann Family Collection, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Albright-Knox Gallery, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

“What marks MacConnel as an original is his shameless embrace of decoration and the messiness with which he manifests his vision of a world run riot with dots, dashes and zigzags. His spirited assaults to highbrow sanctimony are loudly and liberally interspersed with sinuous lines, slapdash shapes and simplified renditions of bounty, beauty and leisure…” — David Pagel, Art in America, February 2004

Artist Link:  Kim MacConnel

Exhibit Location: The Haven


Good Vibrations Chiropractic — 4060 Adams Ave

Kelly Paige Standard
Artist: Kelly Paige Standard

Kelly Paige Standard – a depictive oil painter – specializes in painting people. Her hauntingly accessible figures radiate with an honest balance of joy and sadness. Using strong values and colors, she explores and celebrates the best parts of being human. Kelly’s paintings are often solitary, occasionally piercing, but always mysteriously truthful and radiant.

Born December 1st, 1973 in San Diego, she quickly developed a love for the arts. She gravitated to drawing and painting during her grammar and high school years, during which time she studied with Lela Harty, an oil painter and acclaimed painting teacher. In fact, it was a color theory class she took with Harty before heading off to university that armed her with technique – while college provided the challenge of artful communication. Her discipline and painting ability earned her a Bachelor of Arts (with honors) in 1995. Then only days after graduation, Kelly took a job at Robson Gallery, downtown in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, where she absorbed a great deal about gallery business, and spent her days among incredible paintings by John Asaro, Walt Gonske, William Sharer, and the like.

After a couple of years, Kelly entered the video game industry, digitally painting for innovative projects. Still she would come home at night to paint in oils. The very long hours of the industry reinforced her intense work ethic, and made her financially able to transition into a full-time life of fine art. Oil painting has always been Kelly’s expression of choice. She exercises regularly, catches some favorite music venues, even a live play now and again, but her dedication to her career-goals leaves her little time for anything else. As she lives and grows in her career, she continues to inspire a surprisingly wide range of people through her work. She has painted numerous portraits, (several of them memorials), and has sold over 250 paintings in that time.

Artist Link:  Kelly Paige Standard

Exhibit Location: Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic


Moosies Classic Ice Cream — 4073 Adams Ave

Lauren Blagg
Artist: Lauren Blagg

Drawing, coloring, painting, and gluing tissue paper to empty Snapple bottles to use as vases and such are things that I have loved to do for as long as I can remember.  Art has always been an important part of my life in one way or another, and now I am discovering just how important it is.  My style and the things I create are a direct reflection of my life and who I am…  A bit scatter-brained, constantly changing, and still figuring things out.  I am inspired by people—the ones in my life that are close to me, and people interacting with each other in general.  I enjoy expressing their impact on me through art.  Some of the things I create also come from moments/events/feelings  I experience that I think are better suited on a canvas or piece of paper than tucked away in my mind.

Exhibit Location: Moosie's Classic Ice Cream


Artist: Nancy Escano
Owen and Ellen came to life during Nancy Escano’s time in architecture school.  Today Nancy is the principal and owner of DGA, an architecture firm with offices in San Diego, San Francisco, and Mountain View.  Nancy is very humble, despite being a world-class laboratory designer.  To unwind, Nancy still draws Owen and Ellen, and after sharing some of the images, her family and friends encouraged her to make them into cards and prints to share with others.  She has been kind enough to create Owen and Ellen coloring pages for Moosie’s for every holiday.
Nancy lives in Kensington with her husband Randy.

Artist Link:  Nancy Escano

Exhibit Location: Moosies Classic Ice Cream


Artist: Andrew Pape

Growing up in Northeast Indiana, I was not particularly surrounded by art.  After graduating high school, I promptly packed up my things and moved to Southern California.  I bounced around for a while and slowly began to find myself as an artist and as an adult.  Not a formally trained artist, I often pull from my experiences growing up to guide my artistic voice.  My approach to my work is to immerse myself in a study.  Then stepping back, the piece will typically reveal itself to me.

Exhibit Location: Moosie's Classic Ice Cream

Artist: Christian Anderson

Christian Anderson is a local resident of Kensington. Living one day at a time, with a single scoop of mint chocolate chip  ice cream always close at hand, he translates intense personal moments into paintings, photos and mixed media artworks. At times, disconcerting beauty emerges.


His current work is a collection of mono prints rendered using a traditional printing press and techniques. Each print is unique and created directly on a zinc metal plate using ink, oil medium, and solvent. The finished work is printed on archival acid free printmaking paper and mounted in a wooden frame.

Exhibit Location: Moosie's Classic Ice Cream


Kensington Club — 4079 Adams Ave — Stage

paul vargas
Artist: Paul Vargas

Artist Link:  Paul Vargas

Exhibit Location: Kensington Club


Village Vino — 4095 Adams Ave

Artist: Cathy Mitchell

Exhibit Location: Village Vino


Kensington Library Park — 4121 Adams — Stage

Podunk Nowhere
Artist: Kensington Library Park


Exhibit Location: Kensington Park


Clem’s Tap House — 4108 Adams Ave

Jason Smithson
Artist: Jason Smithson

My personal journey into art began in 2004, when I awoke from a coma.  An accident resulted in Traumatic Brain Injury.  Learning to walk and talk again became my personal art project.  With time, art classes became essential to my recovery.  Life drawing, painting, sculpting in clay, woodworking, welding…all essential training that I received at San Diego City College, which led me to San Diego State University.  I am currently a senior at SDSU, working on my B.A. in Applied Design.  My intent is to obtain a master’s degree and teach at the university level.

My emphasis is sculpting in clay, with motion, depth, and anatomy playing equal parts in composition.  Working in a 3D environment seems to be the best way to express my creativity to others.

Jason Smithson3Jason Smithson2



Artist Link:  Jason Smithson

Exhibit Location: Clem's Tap House


Ascent Reality — 4134 Adams

Bella Hollingworth
Artist: Bella Hollingworth


Bella Hollingworth believes, as did her Portuguese forebears, in exploring boundaries.

Having emigrated from the island of Madeira, Portugal, to Boston at the age of four, Ms. Hoflingworth soon established fine art as her career goal. As a high school student, she studied in a special program at The Boston Museum of Fine Art. She continued her education at the Massachusetts College of Art and the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.  Following a teaching position in Connecticut, Bella moved to the Point Loma Community of San Diego. Attracted by the abundant flora and year round color of Southern California, she changed her career direction to nature and food illustration. Her nature drawings can be found in the award winning  Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego and her watercolor illustrations in local and national publications.  She is familiar to Kensington and Talmadge residents as a painter of homes and family pets.

She is a member of The San Diego Watercolor Society where she has won several awards.

Artist Link: Bella Hollingworth

Exhibit Location: Ascent Real Estate

Artist: Isabelle Laug

Isabelle Laug is originally from France and moved to California in 2000. She started making abstract cards for fun using different types of paper, acrylic paint and silver pen.   She doesn’t always know where her imagination will take her. It is often a surprise for her as she is cutting and arranging pieces of paper, drawing lines, connecting things or not. She enjoys the process and finds inspiration all around her.

Exhibit Location: Ascent Real Estate


Roberta OConnor image
Artist: Roberta O’Connor

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina Roberta found pastels later in life after relocating in San Diego. She starts her works with a photograph, drawn by the subject or the composition. A journey to recreate that image starts. The final result created with soft pastels may end up having a different feeling from what initially she observed. She enjoys pastels because they create a soft sense of balance and harmony between color and movement.

Exhibit Location: Ascent Real Estate


Edward Jones — 4134 Adams — Supporting Business - NOT PARTICIPATING

Edward Jones
Artist: Edward Jones Kensington

Edward Jones is a non-participating supporting business.  No art here today, but check out their website and what services they have for you!

Exhibit Location: Edward Jones


Kensington Cafe — 4141 Adams

Kristyan Stjerne
Artist: Kristyan Stjerne

Artist Link:  Kristyan Stjerne

Exhibit Location: Kensington Cafe


Kesington Pet Supply — 4153 Adams

Paul Naylor
Artist: Paul Naylor

My name is Paul Naylor, I’m an illustrator/designer living in San Diego, where I’ve been my whole life.  I have been drawing since I was three, and currently specialize in acrylic paintings / illustration, and also enjoy logo and general design. Recently, I have been painting a lot of commissioned pet portraits and other custom pieces. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from the Art Institute of San Diego in graphic design. In addition to design and illustration, I have been speed-painting for several years. I’ve been lucky enough to perform and educate for audiences at the San Diego Zoo, Downtown Disney, and many other events around the US. I currently work with my friends and mentors at Launch Live Art, where I paint, perform, and have even played live percussion.

I was drawn to graphic design because I was intrigued by the idea of using typography artistically, and I’ve always loved art associated with underground music and film, especially from decades past where emphasis was heavy on hand-rendering. I also play drums in a couple local bands, and love when visual art and music can be combined. I am always adding new pieces to my portfolio, and have really been enjoying experimenting with drastic lighting/colors and surreal or exaggerated landscapes/scenes. I feel that humor and creepiness can work very well together, and I’m always striving to find a good mix. Big influences on my art include a long love of animals, old horror and sci-fi movies, vast natural landscapes (especially Yosemite), Godzilla, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mid-Century Modern design, and music. Please feel free to contact me atpauldnaylor@gmail.com with any questions or leave a comment. Enjoy the site!

Artist Link:  Paul Naylor

Exhibit Location: Kensington Pet Supply


Clip Art Salon — 4155 Adams

Linda Rodenbo Barton
Artist: Linda Rodenbo Barton

Artist Link:  Linda Rodenbo Barton

Exhibit Location: Clip Art Salon


Zen Sanctuary — 4183 Adams

Artist: Zen

Exhibit Location: Zen Sanctuary


The OAS Center for opportunity, achievement and success — 4204-A Adams Ave

Debi Winger
Artist: Debi Winger

Born and raised in San Diego, Debi loves creating colorful, fun, heartfelt art. Her passion for drawing started at a very young age. Influenced by Dr. Seuss books, Disney and simply watching Saturday morning cartoons motivated and inspired Debi to create her own whimsical cartoon characters.  Developing her cartoon style growing up, later drawings turned into canvas paintings, greeting cards, logos, pet commissions, fan art and on-line comics. Debi has participated in numerous local art shows and often displays at various businesses throughout San Diego. Aside from working on commissions and participating in art shows she is currently working on fan art for SD Comic-Con and illustrating her first children’s book.

Artist Link: Debi Winger

Exhibit Location: The OAS Center